India is an example of cultural pluralism has a country is made out of variety and diversity. People of all kinds and classes do live here - each living their life, breathing their own characteristic attitudes, spinning with their own dreams and aspirations, splitting and blending. However, it is evident that there is a deliberate attempt to protect and prove an identity based on one’s education, caste, creed, class, religion, region, language and political ideology. It is rooted and inseparable. Yet, under all circumstances, there is a predetermined unity in this diversity which holds back the pan-Indian culture.

To find out this identity of an ideal nation, I have chosen myself to document the visual culture which is been exemplified throughout the country. Initially, I went on to click the hand-painted visual culture drawn on the vehicles like auto rickshaws, trucks, buses and tractors. The paintings on street walls, shutters of the closed shops, roadside shrines and the like. To do so I have travelled extensively from North to South and West to East covering the states like Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, West Bengal, Tripura, Delhi and Punjab.

As an artist and researcher my focus is Contemporary hand-painted visuals and the documentation of those visuals which speak and narrate stories. By doing so and casually conversing and meeting people like auto drivers, truck drivers, commercial painters and passers-by I take note of their views and opinions regarding the images painted on their vehicles or on the walls of streets. This on-going research project, which I have been exploring for more than fifteen years.